Goodbye Amazon Polly

A few years ago, I found a plugin developed by Amazon that allowed me to offer a free (to the end user) audio version of all my posts. This worked well and only cost me a few pennies a month to run through their services....

28th February 2023 is now a Mastodon ActivityPub

This is just a quick post to announce that you can now follow my site/blog directly on Mastodon! @talktech is now a valid user! I could also follow people here! However, I do need to fix my profile image as that’s my old logo!

27th February 2023

Mastodon Wordcloud

Since leaving Twitter behind and moving over to (A Mastodon service), one of the fun things I missed was creating Word Clouds of my most used words. I wanted to be able to do the same to my data on Mastodon. A few months...

29th January 2023

ChatGPT – Testing

I decided to give ChatGPT a test and asked it to write an article on installing Thony on a Windows 11 PC. Here is the result – everything below comes from ChatGPT directly Chat GPT Thonny is a Python Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed specifically...

22nd December 2022

Talking about Single Board Computers

Due to the current shortage of Raspberry Pi’s around the globe, OKdo ( has started to invest in another Single Board Computer (SBC) called the Rock Pi. This SBC contains a very similar layout to the Raspberry Pi 3 but has the speed and power...

9th October 2022

Raspberry Pi – Stock Tracker

As has been the case with other technology the past year or so, the Raspberry Pi is now almost fully out of stock around the world. So those who are looking for one need to check each and every stockist several times a day to...

7th February 2022