Galaxy Siii from Samsung

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Five months with the Android touting Galaxy Siii from Samsung.

I have owned the Galaxy Siii for just over five months s now and have done almost anything I can think of with it so am ready to write a review.

An image showing the Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy Siii front and back.

What is special about this Smart Phone?

This was the first Android phone with a quad core (that’s 4 processing cores) with a speed of 1.5 GHz each. It also has 1 Gb of RAM and 16 Gb of inbuilt storage. It also features some of the latest must have features like Near Field Communication (or NFC for short).

Feature Set

  • 4.8″ 720 x 1280 HD Super AMOLED screen
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 16Gb internal storage
  • Micro SD Card slot for MicroSD Cards up to 64Gb’s
  • Multi Colour Notification LED
  • Face Detection for Always on Screen
  • 2100 mAh battery

Day to day usage

Well from day one you will be setting up your emails, contacts and downloading some applications to get the best of your phone. Like all Android powered phones doing each of these is easy and done with the help of a few steps that the phone will walk you through. If you are upgrading from a previous Android phone, it will even install your apps, contacts and email accounts automatically.

One of the most important features of any phone for me, is the ability to setup a secure lock screen. With Android phones I will pick to use the 4 digit pin code unlock as this offers a lot of security. As you can expect, the Galaxy Siii does not disappoint here. If you don’t want to use a pin, you can use the swipe to unlock, face unlock, or no security at all.

Using outside

One issue that is common with all LCD screens is outdoor visibility. Since Samsung uses AMOLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) that give off their own light, the added back light allows clear viewing in 98% of very bright sunlight, even with the sun directly behind you. This is an excellent selling point since  you will be using the phone outside a lot.

The camera on the back of the device is a healthy 8 mega pixel one. This allows you to take stunning pictures on the go with ease and clarity. The hardware and software behind the camera allow some excellent features:

  • HDR
  • Rapid Shot
  • Stable Shot
  • Smile Shot
  • Full HD Video recording

Using Inside

When you have ventured back inside, the phone still has plenty of features to keep you going. Samsung have for once bundled some excellent features into  Touchwiz.

While reading something on screen the phone is checking to see if you are facing it. If you are, it will stop the screen going to sleep. This stops the screen turning off after 30 seconds if you are still reading, but not actually touching the phone.

It also uses this technology to stop the screen rotating if you are using it on your side (in bed, reading a book for example). So no more accidental flipping of the screen.

It’s Locked

Picking up your phone while locked, you can now get fast access to the camera. Simply press your finger to the screen and spin the phone. The camera will flash up and off you go, capturing that spur of the moment image!


If you like to expand the features of your phone, then you are in luck. There is an active developer community over on and they have produced some excellent results:

JKay Deluxe

This mod gives you a huge amount of freedom for how your phone works and behaves. For example you can set it to that pressing and holding the home button on the lock screen turns the flash-light on the back of the phone on and off. Useful for dark situations!

Visit the forum here – XDA-Developers Forum – JKay Deluxe

ClockWork Mod – Touch

If you do like tweaking your phone, one of the first things you will need is a custom recovery. Clockwork Mod is one of the best known recovery tools for Samsung phones and tablets.

This is the touch based version so you can navigate using the screen and not just the volume buttons.

Visit the forum here to downloads – XDA-Developers Forums – ClockworkMod Touch

So would I recommend this phone?

If you need a power house of a phone, that can play the latest mobile games multi-task websites and spreadsheets then yes I would.

If you are on a budget and just want to make phone calls? Still yes!

This is a phone that will grow with you and never disappoint!

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