RaspControl – The Raspberry Pi Control Centre (Update)

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RaspControl – Updated version

Back in January I wrote about RaspControl for the Raspberry Pi (http://talktech.info/2013/01/21/raspcontrol-the-raspberry-pi-control-centre/). Since then the original author stopped maintaining the tool and a new team have taken over.

Since this change the way you prepare and install the tool has also changed (for the better), so I thought I would do an updated review and instructions on the new version.

Install Apache

You now need to have Apache running on your Raspberry Pi and this is an easy step to do

Connect to your Raspberry Pi with a tool like PuTTY

Now you have installed apache (this will also install PHP5 and the apache-php library’s) you need to pull the latest version of Raspcontrol

Now you need to create your login details for Raspcontrol

Now add these lines to the file

Change yourName and yourPassword to anything you wish to use.

Now you need to ensure these have the correct permissions

 Using Raspcontrol

To use this tool, open any browser on your computer and navigate to your Raspberry Pi’s IP Address “” for example and login using the user name and password you set up above.



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