DD-WRT – Power Firmware for Routers

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DD-WRT has been out for a few years, yet many people do not know about it or what it can do for them. I have been using it for years on many different routers and would not want to be apart from it.

What is DD-WRT

Put simply DD-WRT is an opensource alternative to the standard software running on your internet Router. It unlocks all the potential of your hardware that is normally hidden by the hardware manufacturer as it can cause issues if you do not know how to use it.

On of the main reasons I use it is so I can see exactly what is going on around my network. I have options like seeing how much traffic is being created, what devices are connected and have been connected to the WiFi and lots more.

DD-WRT Status Screen
DD-WRT Status Screen

As you can see in the screenshot above, the status screen is a treasure trove of information for the statistics fans. You can tell what Wi-Fi devices are connected and and lots more besides.

Can I get DD-WRT for my hardware

You can check to see if DD-WRT is avalible for your device by going here : http://dd-wrt.com/site/support/router-database and typing in your model number into the search box

Showing firmware results on DD-WRT.com
Showing firmware results on DD-WRT.com

I wont go into details for installing DD-WRT onto your device as most routers will install it differently and due to the constant changing list of supported hardware you should head to their forums to find help and advice.

Some other Features

With DD-WRT installed you can keep an eye on how much traffic you are using over the internet. This can be especially useful if your ISP limits your usage and you want to keep an eye on how much you are using each day, month and year.

DD-WRT showing Internet usage
DD-WRT showing Internet usage

Advanced Options

With DD-WRT you can enable and have a lot of control over the firewall options of the router, you can filter out Activx, java and cookies from being sent to your computers if you needed to. You can also view a log of intrusion attempts from this page.

DD-WRT Firewall
DD-WRT Firewall

That all I am going to cover in this post, but there are a lot of very advanced options available in DD-WRT that will enable you to setup a secure second network that could be useful if you needed to run a guest network but don’t want the visitors accessing your network attached printers, storage or even other computers on the network.

I’ll leave you to dig through the documentation to find some of this stuff out, but feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer them for you.


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