Notify My Android and Raspberry Pi

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I have just found out about an application for Android called “Notify My Android” (NMA) this is a freemium (free for very limited use – with paid unlimited usage), that will allow you to send all sorts of notifications from your PC, Mac, If This Then That ( or your Raspberry Pi.

What you will need

You will need to have the following to get my examples working

Putting it together

I have found python, perl and Shell code for NMA that will run on the Raspberry Pi and all of them work very well. I am only going to cover the Perl version, but most work in the same way once you have them on your Raspberry Pi

Getting it working

Ok, lets look at the perl code first. This comes straight from NMA’s developer pages (

On your Pi (local or remote SSH) enter the following command

This will create a directory, download the NMA perl script from the internet and then open a file for editing in the nano editor. This file will contain your API key from NMA that will tell them where to deliver the notifications too.

You can get this API key  here –, once you have an API key, copy it into the file and save the file by pressing

Then you can try sending a test notification to the device that has the Android application installed

So what does all this mean?

  • -apikeyfile=apikey – this is the file we created previously that contains your API key
  • -application=RaspberryPi – this can be anything you wish  and shows what send the notification
  • -event=”An Event” – This is like a sub-title, again it can be anything you wish – so “Raspberry Pi rebooted” for example – if you want space be sure to use quotes “”
  • -notification=”Your Pi Says Hi!” – The main body of the message – you could feed in variables like time & date the Pi rebooted for example
  • -priority=-2 – What is the seriousness of this notification? A Number from Minus 2 (-2) to 2 (2) with 2 being emergency!

One of my example uses works with my guest post over on Class Think (

For this to work, you will need the and apikey files in the same directory as this script.

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