Raspberry Pi : Weather station + LCD Screen

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My weather station has sat idle for a little while, but today that changed and I have added a new module that will display the inside and outside temperature on an attached LCD Module.

I have pasted the sample code below. This uses the database SQLite output from Weewx Weather Station sofrware that is running in my RaspberryPi.

20 by 4 LCD Screen showing the temp

Some Code

This code is made possible thanks to code and the people behind it here : http://zetcode.com/db/sqlitepythontutorial/ for the SQLite database code,
also thanks to PenguinTutor (http://www.penguintutor.com/programming/raspi-lcd) for the simple python example to write to the screen.

Going foward

I plan to add a feature where it will text me if the weather station stops updating and the temperature on weekday mornings so I know if I need to wrap up warm before heading out to work.

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