Amazon Instant Video goes UHD in the UK

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I was up a little early this morning and happened into the Amazon Prime application on my Samsung Smart UHD TV.

While looking through the selections a new option grabbed my attention. UHD TV/Films.

So in I went and saw the new UHD Shows.

Amazon Instant Video in the UK
Selection ok 4K UHD Content in the UK

Initial thoughts

I sat through and enjoyed an episode of Alpha house and Mozart in the Jungle while testing and I must admit to being a little underwhelmed by the quality.

It should not be my 152Mb/s Virgin Media cable connection as that was performing well at the time, so it could be the TV or the Source material.

Netflix 4K UHD looks a lot better then Amazons content, but I could be being harsh. I will test again this evening when I get back home to see if my tired eyes where to blame.


At the moment the free selection is limited to Amazon in house produced TV shows. All moves are Pay Per View, or buy in 4K/UHD, with the most expensive being the recent “The Amazing Spider Man 2” at over £20 to own.

I am sure this will improve as time goes on, but with only TV shows to test, I will reserve judgement until more content is provided.

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