My Movies Pro – Android App Review

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I have a decent size DVD and BluRay collection, and remembering what I have and don’t have when looking to buy new ones was getting to be a problem. I have used various cataloging apps in the past, but they have all had one problem or another.

I recently came accross My Movies Pro for Android, Apple, OS X, PC and Linux. –

The application for mobiles, is part of a larger product, but I am only going to be looking at the Android Application.

What is the Application?

The application in a nutshell is a cataloging tool for your DVD’s and BluRays. Once you have added some titles to it’s database, you can search through to see what you have already purchased. You can add titles either by searching for them by title, or very impressively – a barcode scanner.

I have used various barcode scanners on my phone and they all vary in speed and quality. The one inside this application was quite simply amazing. In my poorly light room, it scanned barcodes in less then 1 second and found the title in 5 seconds or less.

Benefits of this over a spreadsheet?

If you have a large collection the chances are you have found a way to catalog it already. Especially if you lend out some of your disks. I have seen various templates for Excel that would hold your collection, you could even search through this and mark disk as lent out.

The problem with those are adding 200+ titles would take a very long time.

My Movies Pro allowed me to add my whole collection in less then 30 minutes. I can now look through with a nice cover art layout and find titles I own and see if I have lent them to somebody. If I have, see who currently has it.

I can also add things to various different lists, say if I wanted to sell some. This could be useful if like me, you like to upgrade some of your DVD collection to BluRay (or 4k when they come out).

The final thing going for My Movies Pro over exel, is that it backs up your list. and you can view it online!

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