Easter Eggs – 3 now hidden on the site!

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Since I have been working on the site for the past two weeks, I have decided to add a couple of Easter Eggs to the site!

But it’s not Easter?

It’s true that it’s not Easter and it’s also true that these Easter Eggs are not chocolate or painted chicken eggs. Instead these are bits of the site hidden away unless you can find them. Two of them are easy enough to find, bur the last one – now that will take some finding. I will not give out any clues – but if enough people find it and click like on that page – I will donate up to £50 to the NSPCC charity in the UK.

One, two three?

You may have already stumbled upon the first two just visiting the site. They are triggered by having two plugins installed in their browser. However I think IE only has one of the plugins available – so you may need to try a different browser and a different plugin.

So I need to install apps into my browser?

Yes you will need two different plugins installed – but I have checked and they are safe. One is very very useful (I can’t say more then that without giving it away), the other is just a simple bit of fun that remembers a great British Author.

The third and most important one needs no plug ins, and works on mobile (I have tested Android). It requires a little thought and perhaps Google is your friend to help you find the method of entry.

Google, Bing and Yahoo will not crawl this page – so it wont show up in your search. If you do find it – please do not give the game away by copying the link.

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