Pi Supply’s PaPiRus ePaper Hat

Speedtest & Scan4Pi.py

If you follow my blog, or Twitter feed – you will know I love my current ePaper Hat for my Raspberry Pi.

You will also know that I have created a tool that will allow you to check your internet speeds and find devices on your network.

Well I know that Pi Supply’s PaPiRus is very very popular, and I wanted to see my scripts running on it. So I put out a tweet asking for volunteers to convert the code (or if a kind person would be willing to donate me one).

Well the other day, I woke up and checked my Twitter feed like normal. However – after going through the normal feed, I realised I had a tweet from Pi-Supply. They offered to donate me one of the screens and Hats to get my code up and running on the PaPiRus.

Once the kind delivery company knock on my door with the device, I will be tweeting and blogging my progress. Starting with an unboxing and documenting the process of converting the code.

Additional features

I have been going through the features of their code, and one bit got me very excited. They have some sample code to to Wake on Alarm. So I am going to investigate the possibility of doing some power saving features that will wake the pi each hour, run the speed test and then power down!

I am also going to combine my recent Scan4Pi.py script and enhance it with a feature or two.

Finally I have spent the day coming up with a brand new script that will finally turn my tool into fully blown IT administrators friend.


This would not be possible with out the generosity of the folk at https://www.pi-supply.com, please take some time to check out their fantastic shop.