I have started working on a new version of my Network Appliance. This will give you a tool to test various aspects of your Home/Business network. Written in Python3 and using the KIVY interface. The appliance will be simple to use and have powerful features.

Currently you can run a Speed Test of your internet connection and get connectivity information about the device including internal and external IP’s.

I am working on this on a feature by feature basis and the current feature I am looking to enhance will the the information tools.

I hope to add more information about the connectivity type (Wifi, LAN or 3G/4G), along with signal strength if using wireless.

Once I am happy with the information feature I am going to look at what other features I can add. Current ideas I have are as follows

  • Network scanner – find what’s on your network
  • 2FA – Add your 2FA codes and use the system as a 2FA tool

You can download the prototype code from Github today: