Ryan Walmsley’s SnowPi RGB

SnowPI light up and attached to a Raspberry Pi 3 A

A fun Snowman shaped RGB Neopixel type board for your Raspberry Pi or BBC Microbit.

Ryan is a serial maker, no not cereal. He has over the past several years produced multiple components for the Raspberry Pi, PC and now the BBC Microbit.

This time he has taken an older board and added full RGB LED’s to it.

This board comes fully assembled and ready to attach to either the Raspberry Pi (shown in the video above) or a BBC Microbit with the included adaptor.

Setting up is as simple as installing a standard Python3 library. Ryan has also helpfully provided some example code on his GitHub site.

The example code is a brilliant way to learn how to make it work in multiple ways and is a testament to Ryan’s coding skills. The board is also very well designed using the very minimal number of Pins on your board and with the ability to be chained together. I may very well buy more to attach!

The LEDs used are “WS2812” type also called Neopixels and running at full brightness is enough to require sunglasses!

If you would like to get your hands on the board, simply head over to the dedicated website: snowpi.xyz.

Get some and help teach yourself, or your children how to create fun RGB led patterns and displays!