Inky Impression Weather Station

Pimoroni’s Inky Impression is a 5.7-inch 7 colour e-ink screen. As it is an e-ink screen, it is very low power. It is also capable of maintaining an image without power. It connects to any 40-pin Raspberry Pi microcomputer. I have used it with a Pi Zero, Pi 3A, Pi 3B + and a Pi 4.

You can use dithering to get comic book-like colour graphics, and using the 4 buttons on the back – you can change what is displayed without a keyboard or mouse!

However, what I am currently using mine for, is a 7-day weather forecast display taking data from Open Weather as shown below.

If you want to use your Inky Impression like this, just visit my GitHub link below and follow the instructions on the page. / Vwillcox