Still here!

It has been many months since I’ve updated this blog, and this is down to a number of reasons. The main and most pressing reason is lack of enthusiasm.

Since lockdown started in early 2020, my day job switched from office-based to home-based. I have found it very challenging to find any motivation to stay in front of the same workstation when work finishes with me for the day. So to find a way to get this motivation back, I have set up a small desk in the 2nd bedroom of my flat and moved work into there. This is very slowly bringing back my motivation.

This post is the first since then and brings with it working Amazon Polly auto-translate, auto text to speech, and auto Alexa audio blogs.

Now I am feeling more motivated, I will be working on bringing several projects to a conclusion and starting up some more.

Thanks for listening to me and please do keep subscribed so you can see what I am working on.

All the best,

Vincent Willcox AKA Talk Tech!