Christmas Gift Ideas for the Raspberry Pi Fan

Do you have a Raspberry Pi fan you need to get a Christmas gift for? Well then good news, this is the list you need. I will show you some excellent gift ideas for your loved ones at prices to fit all budgets this Christmas.

SnowPi – Ryan Walmsley

SnowPi Attached to a Raspberry Pi Zero

The SnowPi is a fun and wintery add-on that attaches to the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins (and the BBC Micro:Bit). It comes fully assembled and ready to use. Each of the small LEDs is RGB, meaning it can be any combination of Red, Green, or Blue! Each light is also individually controllable.

This product was originally launched as a very successful Kickstart campaign and now only the last few are left. Once gone, they will be gone for good!

Coming in at £9 (plus P&P) it is a very affordable stocking filler for Raspberry Pi fans in your life!

Order direct from Ryan to get your hands on the last few remaining! Use discount code TalkTech on the checkout to get 10% off! & visit to get started!

3D RGB Christmas Tree

3D RGB Christmas tree attached to a Raspberry Pi 3 board

Another fun, twinkly add-on for your Raspberry Pi, this time in Christmas tree form! This fantastically fun tree is fully programable and bristling with 25 RGB lights and works on any 40 pin Raspberry Pi, from the Zero to the 4!

Needing a slight bit of assembly out of the box, this could be a good Christmas eve present to keep young hands busy whilst Santa packs the presents for the big day!

Coming in at £18 (plus P&P) from The Pi Hut, this is a treat for the person that loves things that twinkle whilst learning Python on the Raspberry Pi!

Order direct from The Pi Hut:

Naturebytes Wildlife Camera Case

If your Raspberry Pi fan also likes wildlife, then the Naturebytes Wildlife camera case is a good addition to their kit. Coming with a mounting kit, full weatherproof case, and fasteners, you just need to add a Raspberry Pi, PIR, camera module, and power!

The case costs £40, but if you want to buy it as a complete kit, you can! The kit contains

  • Raspberry Pi A+
  • SD Card with Cam Kit operating system already pre-installed
  • Camera Module
  • PIR Sensor
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Everything else required to get going!

This kit costs a little more (£110 at the time of posting), but as you get a full Raspberry Pi kit (minus power), this is a good way to get started and will be cheaper than putting the parts together yourself.

Case and mounting hardware:

Full Kit:

Pimoroni Picade

Ok, I may be going off on a little tangent with this one as this option is not just for Raspberry Pi fans, but for anybody who wants to relive the days of the arcades. with the ability to run many games from the arcades and 8bit and 16bit era of gaming goodness.

Coming in two versions, you have the 10-inch beast and a slightly more affordable 8-inch version. This is a kit that will keep somebody busy for a few hours (or days), as they put it together following the instructions provided.

There is ample opportunity for the creativity to come out as you can replace some of the provided artwork with your own to go on the kit!

So, how much will you need to spend to get this amazing bit of kit?

10-Inch display with Pico-8: £225
8-Inch display with Pico-8: £165