Raspberry Pi – Stock Tracker

As has been the case with other technology the past year or so, the Raspberry Pi is now almost fully out of stock around the world. So those who are looking for one need to check each and every stockist several times a day to try and get hold of one. The only other option is to buy one on eBay for vastly inflated prices.

What is a Raspberry Pi fan to do?

Thanks to DPHacks.com you can visit their automatic stock tracker! Thanks to Jeff Geerling for pointing this site out on his LinkedIn feed!

Raspberry Pi stock tracker https://rpilocator.com/

This tool will keep track of what sellers have Raspberry Pi in stock. You can filter through the list by country, seller, or type of Raspberry Pi.

Will this have the intended effect of getting Raspberry Pi’s into the hands of those that want them or will it just allow scalpers to get there first and resell on eBay for inflated prices?

It seems Eben is hopeful that in a few weeks we will be swimming in Raspberry Pi computers again soon!

Thankfully I did manage to find myself a nice 4Gb Raspberry Pi 4 not so long ago! So I will leave any new ones on the shelf for the time being.