Personal Weather Station & RaspberryPi – Part 3

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What it does

This script will find the most recent raw file that PYWWS has produced in its data path, look for the last line and then look for the wind speed value (value 9- or counting from 0 as list arrays do – it is the 8th).
Once it has found the value it will go through a check to see if it is mild, windy or gale-force.

1 light = What Wind?
3 lights = rustling the leaves
6 lights = inside out umbrellas
12 lights = inside out houses

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Personal Weather Station & RaspberryPi – Part 2

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When I first installed the Weather Station image to the disk, it worked fine for the intermittent updates (hourly, daily for example). But I wanted to update live statistics to the Weather Underground.

Now, although the script was already there to run, it crashed repeatedly meaning several hours would go by without an update. This was not what I wanted so I searched around and finally came up with the solutions. One was a better script to run the live updates as a “DAEMON” and the other was to put this into “CRON” and run it every minute of every day.

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RaspControl – The Raspberry Pi Control Centre (Update)

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RaspControl – Updated version

Back in January I wrote about RaspControl for the Raspberry Pi. Since then the original author stopped maintaining the tool and a new team have taken over.

Since the way you prepare and install the tool has also changed (for the better), so I thought I would do an updated review and instructions on the new version.

Installing Apache – a needed requirement with the new version, this is a very easy step to do

Connect to your Raspberry Pi with a tool like PuTTY…….

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