General News

Raspberry Pi Imager

The Raspberry Pi Foundation recently released a new version of the Raspberry Pi Imager. This tool, which works on Windows, Linux, and Apple, is a free and simple tool that creates Raspberry Pi Micro SD cards. When it was first released, it allowed you to...

6th February 2022

Still here!

It has been many months since I’ve updated this blog, and this is down to a number of reasons. The main and most pressing reason is lack of enthusiasm. Since lockdown started in early 2020, my day job switched from office-based to home-based. I have...

28th August 2021

A Fresh start

Thank you for visiting! If you are a regular visitor to my site, or if you are coming from a search engine looking for linked content, then you may find it missing for now. I have moved the site to be hosted on a Raspberry...

30th September 2018