Raspberry Pi – WiFi and SSH on First Boot

How to setup your Raspberry Pi to connect to your WiFi the first time you boot up and to allow you to SSH into it from another machine on first boot. This is useful if you use your Raspberry Pi headless (that is without a...

15th October 2020

Broadband Speed testing on Raspberry Pi’s

Since I first got cable broadband, I’ve been interested in testing the speed I am getting. Over the years this has gotten easier with tools like speedtest.net. The only issue with Speedtest.net was that it was designed for use in a browser. However – the...

26th May 2020

Starling Bank – Savings Tracker

Starling bank is what is commonly referred to as a challenger bank. They do not have branches on the high street. You will only find them online and on your portable devices. To get an account, you follow a signup process using their app on...

19th January 2020

Makerspace Open Day – Weather Dashboard

During Ipswich Makerspace’s Open day on the 28th September, part of my display consisted of a Weather Dashboard, on a Pimoroni Hyperpixel 4. For this display, I used some preexisting code that I modified to work on the higher density of the screen. I used...

3rd October 2019

Makerspace Open Day

My Ipswich Maker space display contains three elements. The first is small weather display, the second is an LED matrix showing both the time and temperature in the room. The third is reading information from the cloud that counts the number of mobile phones in...

21st September 2019

Pimoroni Keybow

In my last post, I spoke about how I won £50 to spend on Pimoroni’s excellent store. Well along with the Mote, I also purchased a Keybow Mini (shown above). This device allows you to program in keypress macros, so when you press one of...

13th September 2019

Pimoroni Mote

During Pimoroni’s recent 7th birthday, I won a £50 gift voucher to spend on their site. After a lot of thought and wonder, I finally opted for the Pimoroni Mote (shown above). This is a full kit that contains 4 strips of 14 RGB LED...

10th September 2019


I have started working on a new version of my Network Appliance. This will give you a tool to test various aspects of your Home/Business network. Written in Python3 and using the KIVY interface. The appliance will be simple to use and have powerful features.

18th June 2019

Veho Kasa Lights – Automation

I have recently purchased 4 Veho Kasa Bluetooth lights. These lights are RGBWW, meaning as well as having LED’s inside that can do all the colours you would like, they have 2 separate white LEDs, one that is bright white and one that is a...

28th October 2018